Upper Back And Neck Tension

It’s all connected. More and more science and Western Medicine is coming to grips with how one area of the body can affect another. Some times directly, sometimes through indirect paths unexplained.

Today I will talk about a paths of tension and restrictions that can effect areas above and below. Let’s start in the middle and the source of life itself. Diaphragm and the breath. Effected by areas below, one example is the psoas. A muscle deep in front of the low back, pelvis and wraps around to attach on the thigh bone. It’s fibers also embed into the diaphragm so tightness and restrictions can actually effect the ability for the diaphragm to expand, then effecting the breath. 

The diaphragm and our ability to breath is also effected by the neck. The diaphragm is innervated by the phrenic nerve exiting the neck at levels C3,4, and 5, meaning anything that impairs the nerves pathway starting from the neck down can also impact the strength or efficiency of our breath. 

If we don’t breath well- well that can lead to a host of all sorts of problems, lack of sleep, muscle fatigue, general fatigue, efficiency of process toxins… it goes on and on. 

So my friends take care of your neck to take care of your breath. Start today with this video- always a favorite on how to release neck tension and work on posture. 

Upcoming is the Upper Back and Neck Workshop at Prana 5/4 1:30-3:30


Alison McLean

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