Vata Derangement

I spoke about this in class this morning based up what I’ve witnessed this week. The nail that drove it into the coffin was a lady driving straight out of the Starbucks parking lot with even looking, almost straight into my car. I saw this happening fortunately so I laid on the horn- the lady still didn’t “see”. So I really honked, and finally she yanked her self out of distractedness and saw me last minute.

Have you felt this way this week? Spacey, really distracted, forgetful, unrooted? Sometimes this happens with a change in season, or it can happen when we have too much on our plate. There can be so much to remember, that our minds are not in the present moment. 

In the Auryvedic world this is called being “Vata Deranged”. Especially exacerbated by busy schedule, chaoticness, technology, stress, anxiety… What does this have to do with pain. Well if we are not in the present moment, or connected to our bodies then we miss those subtle cues and signs the body sends. Those ones that say “time to rest”, “get up and move”, “use more support”, “I need attention”. If we do not here those, the body will speak louder with increased pain. 

This week focus on staying present and grounded. Write things down so you don’t have to carry so much in your head. Delegate tasks to your team and family. Don’t feel you have to do everything all by yourself. Say no if you don’t have the time. Say yes to help and community. Get on the mat with a slow practice. 

This Saturday 4/6 at 2pm I will be leading a workshop on the hips. It will be a very grounding practice, releasing tension and building strength. To register head here: https://www.yogadelmar.com/happy-hips/


Alison McLean

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