How To Grow A Holistic Business Within The Lifestyle You Desire

Hi there. Welcome back! Today we are going to talk about how to build a wellness business without overworking. Read this blog on how to grow a wellness business that fits in your ideal lifestyle.

First I want to introduce my special guest Kaylee.

Alison’s Question To Kaylee: Tell Us What You Love

My kittens. I have two kittens, black and orange, and the same color as our dog. The black one’s name is Sasha and she’s a girl, and the orange one’s name is Raja and he’s orange. And he’s a boy like Riley, and they’re both really cute. And I made a box yesterday and right now my two kitties are in my box.

Alison: And not to worry, the box has air and they can get out. And today here on the blog, we are talking about how to grow a holistic business within the lifestyle you desire. And that’s why I brought my daughter Kaylee on.

Alison’s Question To Kaylee: Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About How You Like To Have Mommy Work From Her She-Shed Here In The Yard?

Because then, I can go with her and be with her in the shed, and sometimes I can join her and I can easily go and get her when I need her.

Alison’s Question To Kaylee: Would You Like To Tell Us A Little About What You Want To Do When You Grow Up? Have You Thought About That Yet?

Well, maybe I could be like dada, give people houses or maybe I could be like mama, be a massage therapist, or maybe I can be a coach like mama, or I don’t know what I can be when I grow up yet.

Alison: I love that. Actually, Kaylee didn’t mention it, but she’s also a pretty stinking good yoga teacher already herself. So the world is her oyster. And it’s your oyster too, which is why I brought her on as a reminder that as we grow a business, yes, sometimes there are struggles, sometimes days feel uncomfortable – there is the essence of the unknown, you are embarking on your own path, your own journey.

Someone else’s results, someone else’s path, someone else’s quickness or slowness to their own success will be different than yours. And truthfully, the way to enjoy the journey, because I hope you do, that is part of the process of growing a holistic business, is maintaining this childlike curiosity, the passion for life, the passion for work, those activities you enjoy. As you see, she loves her kittens and just naturally is creative about doing all the things for them, being with them. And her mind is open to possibilities without refinement, without judgment, without criticism.

We’re going to explore three main areas today that are really required to grow a wellness business. They are practitioner skills, business skills, and self-healing skills. And if we can maintain an open heart, curiosity, commitment, to grow all these three areas, then the result will be a business that you love to work in. A business that fits in your lifestyle, and a business that creates the results that you desire for yourself as a business owner, and maybe that would be revenue goals or the amount of clients that you want to help and serve. And it’ll be the business that also serves your clients and helps them get the results that they desire as well. Because as a wellness practitioner, I know that’s why you got in the field in the first place: to help people. And I know that you’re also a seeker – that you love information and that you have an open heart, just like my daughter. And I want to bring that essence out and maintain it throughout the growth of your business.

So Kaylee’s love for life and her passion is a gentle reminder to keep that going for yourself as well as we explore these three main areas. So let’s start with the practitioners’ skills. But before that, and one more thing, Kaylee also hinted upon that she loves having her mom work from her she-shed. That’s because I love working from my she-shed. For some of you that might not be your path, you might love renting a commercial space or working in a co-working space like here we have Haraha. It doesn’t matter. The path is yours. The process is trusting yourself and your decision-making skills.

The First Area To Grow A Holistic Wellness Business: Practitioner Skills

The truth is, you will need practitioner skills to grow your business. Now, some skills, like in the coaching world, are not completely regulated. So the coaching world doesn’t have national or even state boards or licensing exams that you must pass to become a coach, which there are pros and cons truthfully, to having that.

Physical therapy skills, for example, you do need a degree. Most states are requiring a doctorate. Now you do need to pass a state licensing exam. Physical therapist in New York cannot be a practicing physical therapist in California, for example, unless you hold a license in both states. So it’s not nationwide. As well as the state and national licensing regulations for the specific trade that you might be practicing in.

That being said, sometimes we use that against ourselves and allow these rules, these regulations to hold us back or some people I see in many Facebook groups stay in fear and it squelches their curiosity. It squelches their desire to pursue their creative ideas. And they kind of get stuck in textbook and cookie-cutter mentality, thinking that they must follow an exact protocol or process and not deviate.

That’s one mistake I see entrepreneurs making from the practitioner side of things is thinking that there’s one right way, there’s a right way only. You must respect the scope of your training and the regulations that your industry may or may not have. But at the same time, exploring what feels right for you based upon what you’re learning when working with your clients or your patients.

Certifications, Trainings, Degrees Won’t Bring You Clients

The other mistake I see a lot of practitioners, entrepreneurs, wellness entrepreneurs making is thinking that certifications, trainings, degrees are what’s going to bring in the clients. Thinking that if they get another certification, if they go to another continuing education training, if they are a physical therapist and then decide to get a yoga teacher training or a Pilates certification for example, that that is what’s going to bring them clients. This is solving the wrong problem. What’s going to bring more clients is marketing – getting your business more visible – which is the second skill set that’s required to grow a holistic wellness business the business skills. So practitioner skills are needed because that’s what’s going to get your clients, your patients, the results that they desire so you can fulfill on your promise that you make while marketing.

Your certifications, your skills, your trainings, also help to define your experience and your expertise, which is very helpful for writing copy for emails and posts. These certifications will also help give you confidence on a consultation. So you can show up and say, “These are the results I help you to get. And I am certain I will help you to get there. I have confidence and belief in my skills that I know I can deliver on this result.”

However, these certifications, what they get you directly is the ability to deliver on that promise to get your clients’ results. Here’s the truth. They won’t directly bring clients through your door because clients or patients are not paying you for your doctorate in physical therapy, for example, or your IAYT as a yoga therapist. What they are paying for is the result that they want at the end of your program. I’ll say that again – they’re paying you for the results that they desire, not what you want teach them, but what they desire at the end of your program.

What Does It Mean?

So if you’re a yoga therapist and you help ambitious adults reduce anxiety, what they’re paying you for, what they’re coming to seek you out for is not necessarily the IAYT, but, can you deliver on that promise of helping them to reduce anxiety so they can live a more fulfilled life? Or whatever emotion you are helping them to cultivate through the program. Or for the physical therapy world, they’re paying you to help reduce their back pain, yes, but what does that get them? It gets them the ability to say yes to their friends and family going on hikes without fear that they’re going to get stuck on the couch for two days afterwards because they overdid it or they didn’t have the strength, or they didn’t know how to care for themselves during the process, for example.

I use this analogy a lot through the Awaken Portal when we talk about marketing, so let’s apply it here. Imagine a plumber comes to your house because your pipes are backed up. Your sink is overflowing. Your toilet’s not flushing. What if he told you, during that initial consultation when he came to the house to investigate the problem, “I have a certification in these cameras. I’ve been trained in this piping. What do you think you want? What types of pipe, what types of cameras?” And he went on and on about the details of his cameras, his tubing, his piping, you would be like, “WTF. I just want my sink to work. I just want my toilet to work. My kids need to use the bathroom. Can we hurry this process up? I don’t want my sink to back up anymore. Just get to it, fix the darn thing already.” That’s how your people feel when you go on and on and on about the different modalities that you offer. Maybe it’s tapping, maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s breathing, maybe it’s specific, continuing education, McKenzie techniques, or myofascial techniques. What they care about really is not all that. And in fact, if you go on and on and on about it, it can be very overwhelming. What they care about is if you can solve their problem. Period.

Your certifications are tools to help them achieve their goals. Now, in the sessions, when they’re actually a paying client, and you evaluated the problem, you’ve determined the root, you determined what’s required and what needs to be refined or improved upon so they can reach their goals, you can educate them on why you are using a certain tool, how it will help them to achieve their goals. Maybe even physiologically – what’s going on in their mind or their body or their nervous system. But that is when they’re paying.

When they’ve already been bought in, when they trust you, what helps them to buy in in the first place is the belief that you can help them, the modality of how you will achieve this is just a component. One facet.

It’s why many skilled practitioners with no degrees, maybe just, “one certification” can make multiple six figures, even millions. And those with those practitioners with multiple certifications, multiple degrees, and alphabet behind their name, are barely making ends meet. And yet they’re very quick to put the people down with just “one certification.”

You see it all the time on social media, someone with an advanced degree, advanced training saying, “Don’t listen to so and so with only one degree.” That’s garbage. Truly is garbage. And it’s very hurtful to that practitioner and the practitioners of their industry. And most of the time, it stems from a lack of worthiness that they’re not enough, which is why they have an alphabet behind their name or all these advanced degrees. And I say this because I was there and frustration as to thinking that they have all these degrees, so essentially they’re entitled to patients and clients, and it’s just not the truth.

So right now, if you are a seeker like myself, keep learning, keep getting more certifications, keep getting more degrees, keep exploring science, keep exploring five-dimensional reality – for me I love the hybrid.

Do it for you because it lights your soul. It helps you to fulfill your Dharma. It helps your people get the results that they desire faster, easier, more seamlessly with less struggle. Don’t do it from the expectation that it’ll bring clients to you. See the difference?

Also notice if you’re seeking out more trainings and certifications from a belief or a thought that you need to learn more, this is often stemming from a worthiness problem. And at some point you just have to decide that you are enough right now. How is this true? Answer that question.

Personally, I’ve had to really get into this work. But I can tell you it’s so rewarding because my people are getting faster results. They’re getting results with me that they haven’t got with any other practitioner, because I trust myself, because I trust the processes and protocols that I create, not someone else.

The Second Area To Grow A Holistic Wellness Business: Business Skills

All right, let’s get to area number two: the business skills, which I also love to talk about. There are three main areas of business skills that are required to grow a healthy business. These are marketing, selling, and delivery. We’ll just define them here so we’re all on the same page.

Marketing is getting your business more visible, meeting new people. There’s many ways to go about it. It can be on social media, can be e-mails, can be meeting people out in person at networking events.

There are so many ways, it’s endless. Again, there’s no one right way and you can’t do it all. So you have to figure out what works for you. Commit to that.

Choose constrain as it calls, choose one or two, commit to it, rinse and repeat, fail, rinse and repeat, win, rinse and repeat, keep going. And in marketing, there are endless skills here to develop as well, like learning copy, ways to write, or verbally talk to your audience in a way that they understand. So getting out of your practitioners skill verbiage, or for me personally, learning how to speak to you in a way that wasn’t like a research paper or write that wasn’t like a research paper, or using crazy words that really no one really understood, or esoteric philosophies and concepts that were just too out there or general.

Marketing can include developing your brand, having a niche, but of course you don’t need those to make money. What you do need is connection with people and have those people understand that you are the person to solve their problem, which requires you understanding their problems and the solution in the first place. That’s marketing in a nutshell.

Selling is converting these people, the ones who are appropriate, the ones who reach out to you or have raised their hand in some way that yes, they identify, now they know their problem. They realize that you are the person to help solve their problem. So now they want to be a paying customer, and this can be through sales pages. It can be through consultations.

If you’ve read the previous blog on how to sell without selling, you can go there if you haven’t already, it’s not forcing, manipulation, convincing, or any of that icky and slimy stuff. It’s helping potential clients to understand their problems better than themselves and realize that you are the person to solve them

and compelling, or having them desire or realize to want to take that next step with you, to pay you, to help them solve that problem and get a specific result.

Delivering is fulfilling on that promise. It’s creating the best container for them, not what you desire, the best container for them to get the results that they desire.

Now, there is a balance between designing the best container for them, and also designing a business that fits a lifestyle you desire. And we really work on this new weakened container, because there is a sweet spot of both. But you can’t just say, “Oh, I’m going to move online or create an on demand or group program” because that’s what you want to do without taking into account what goes on behind the scenes, what’s needed to really make that program successful for your business and more importantly, for your people.

You can learn more about delivering in the episode to create your Wellness program: https://igniteurwellness.com/signature-wellness-program/

So we will continue to get into all three of these areas of the business skills and future blogs: the marketing, the selling, and the delivering. So again, stay tuned for more here.

The Third Area To Grow A Holistic Wellness Business: Self-Healing Skills

The third area is self-healing skills. Not often talked about in the business world, but here I’m bringing in my 20 years of experience of working with people one-to-one and in group settings, because I’ve done so many events, group classes, group programs, workshops, paying events, where I’ve helped people transform in many different ways now over the 20 years.

Your self-healing skills is the gas to all of the above. It’s the belief in your practitioner skills. It’s the belief in your business skills. The belief in your ability to write copy. The belief that your copy will resonate with your people. Belief in your program. Belief in your program’s ability to get the results for your people. It’s belief in you as a person. It’s nervous system work: noticing when you’re triggered, being able to recognize that. So many of us live unconsciously to when we are triggered, and unconsciously, we’re reacting throughout the day to those triggers.

So, for example, when you’re fawning, people-pleasing, saying yes to things that you have no business in your schedule to say yes to, it’s not appropriate for your business or your goals or the lifestyle that you want to live. You’re saying yes because you feel guilty to say no. It’s noticing when you’re freezing.

For example, for me, I had to do the work in consults of recognizing when I’m fawning on a consult, recognizing when I’m freezing on a consult, or fleeing on a consult. For some of you it’s noticing when you are fighting with people on social media and more importantly, why: that’s the work uncovering the why and working through it.

The self-healing skills also involves noticing your thoughts, what’s going on unconsciously and how these thoughts can drive certain feelings and emotions, positive and negative, or just is. And noticing

when you’re overthinking, overanalyzing and why, and feelings and emotions – what feelings and emotions are you resisting? What feelings and emotions are you afraid of? Where are you feeling and processing and doing that well? Where are you not? Again, and why.

This truthfully is the work of a holistic wellness entrepreneur. I’m not saying it’s comfortable, but it can be very simple and for sure is the fastest way to get the results that you desire to fulfill your purpose, your Dharma, and to grow as an individual.

And as you grow and transform, you will also be attracting those people who want that for themselves as well. So it really all comes together. What is needed are those practitioner skills, the self-healing skills.

So we’ll be diving more into all these areas and future blogs in all the marketing that I do for sure. This is the work I do together with my clients in the one-to-one awaken container, and stay tuned for more programs coming up. We will work on these practitioner skills, business skills, and self-healing skills.

If you want to get started on these areas right now, you have a specific result that you want to create in your business and your life, just reach out. I am happy to go over it with you, just book your free consult call, and we’ll get started immediately this week. All right, I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!

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