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Hey there, wellness entrepreneur. Welcome back! 

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Top 11 Episodes On How To Grow Your Wellness Business

I’m excited today to celebrate episode 200! Thank you so much for all the support, all the loyal listeners that I have, and those of you who have shared it with your friends, have left a review, it means so much to me! 

I first became an entrepreneur because I just wanted to help people have hope in their bodies, hope in their life, that growing older didn’t mean that they had to be shackled to their pain or a diagnosis like degenerative disc disease or herniation or scoliosis, that they could live quality of life. 

So today, I’m going to give you the Top 10 episodes, both from the business coaching standpoint and as well as to the practitioner standpoint. If you go back to the first, 50, 60, episodes or so, you’ll hear a lot of my own client and patient stories, my stories of talking to you, as an individual, as some of you entrepreneurs, some of you as ambitious adults who want to live a high quality of life pain-free, participate in the activities you love, you’ll hear many of those episodes.

And that’s where this podcast first started out. And it’s evolved to business coaching for the wellness entrepreneur, by request in my own world, and just as my business evolved, the creativity that started and ideas started to flow through me as well. So then, we’ll also get into the top 10 episodes as a wellness entrepreneur. Actually, we’re going to start with those, and then hang with me, we’ll go into the practitioner side of things. So if you’re a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, a health coach, a health care provider, and you want to hear how I really worked with practitioners and grew a successful brick-and-mortar business, then you can hear those episodes and those success stories and those interviews, as well as the podcast episodes as a wellness entrepreneur on how to grow your wellness business.

So again, thank you for all the support. I really love coming and talking to you each week and sharing my creativity and my ideas. It really brings such fulfillment to my life and my business, and I hope to keep going for another 200 episodes.

Okay, so we’re going to start with the Top 10. And actually, there was a tie, so top 11 podcast episodes on how to grow your wellness business. So perfect if you’re a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, health coach, massage therapist, healthcare provider, you name it, whatever certifications, whatever you may choose to call yourself as a wellness entrepreneur, these episodes are for you.

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I will go over the number, which number podcast episode it is, the title, so you can find it easily, as well as a brief summary so you understand what that episode is about.

#11: Episode #25

So to start is episode number 25: Why Mindset Is Everything. So this is actually back in when I owned my brick-and-mortar and was on the practitioner side of things as myself as well as I was an entrepreneur. But I just love this episode, as well as being a business owner as an entrepreneur for you, because mindset is everything. Whether you’re healing and having to believe in your own body, or if you’re starting and owning your own business, working as an independent contractor, working as an entrepreneur, it’s believing in yourself as an entrepreneur, believing in the work that you do, believing in your people.

And so this is the foundation of being a successful practitioner and entrepreneurs. So this episode is a great place to start. So, episode 25, Why Mindset Is Everything. 

#10: Episode #14

The next episode is episode 14, Second Layer Of Healing. So this is for you personally, to heal yourself, to grow your wellness business. So this second layer of healing talks about the second chakra, having to do with your own creativity and moving beyond the root chakra, to also learning how to develop the self-capacity or increase your capacity to deal with uncomfortable and uncomfortable emotions and discomfort in your business. 

So emotions like fear, doubt, overwhelm, anxiety, scarcity, all that will show up as an entrepreneur. Nothing has gone wrong. It’s part of the process, and the sooner you’re able to recognize that and support yourself during that process, the sooner you really will heal yourself and overcome hurdles and obstacles that may be holding you back, like your fear of marketing or fear of self-promotion or maybe your fear of being a leader and having a team or fear of being visible or overwhelmed with all the tasks that you need to do are managing your schedule.

The better you get at being able to manage all that, then implementing any business strategy will become so much easier. So head to episode 14 for a second layer of healing, to learn more about your second chakra and how to work with it to really fuel any business strategy that you might want to implement in your business.

#9: Episode #148

Okay, Episode 148 is a very popular one. And it’s How To Sell Without Selling. And what that means is, some of you have many speaking opportunities, maybe you’re leading a keynote presentation for a group of people, maybe you’re doing a TED talk, maybe you are being a guest on someone’s podcast, or leading a group coaching call for someone else’s group, or you’re a yoga teacher so you’re teaching in a studio, where a lot of self-promotion is not allowed, it’s just part of the gig, which is normal.

This is different than self-promotion on your own Instagram, or Facebook, your own podcast or certain other networking events where promotion is allowed. And you want to take advantage of promoting yourself to promote your business. In this specific episode, I’m talking about situations where like Insight Timer, for example, you’re not allowed to promote, and you want to respect the boundaries of that container where you are maybe leading a presentation or a talk or a class.

So because they are great opportunities, you are getting visible in front of a lot of people, you’re sharing your advice, you’re sharing your wisdom, you’re leading through them through a class, so they’re going to receive value and receive wins from sharing their time with you, and how can you really capitalize though on those situations, so they do realize that they can work with you more. This podcast episode 148, how to sell without selling, gives you some ideas on how to do just that.

#8: Episode #143

Episode 143 is How To Create Your Signature Wellness Program. So if you want to work one-to-one, with people, for example, or you want to develop an on-demand group coach or a group program, and you’re really spinning in indecision on who it’s for, how you help them, the result that they’ll receive at the end of working with you, even if you do one-off sessions, this episode is still for you to help really clarify those and create a structure such as pricing, how long, who it’s for, those key components of developing that signature wellness program, so make sure to listen to that one with a pen and paper because by the end, you’ll get a lot of golden nuggets, and know some of the key foundations to develop that signature program.

#7: Episode #146

Episode 146 is Five Reasons Why You Experience Stress As An Entrepreneur, which really correlates to Episode 25 where I said mindset is everything

But sometimes you feel more anxiety, or the emotions that you feel trigger your nervous system. So what you experience is a lot of stress and overwhelm or pressure. If any of that sounds true for you, then head to this episode because, again, any business strategy that you might try to implement might be held back by your stress, your overwhelm. 

You can just spin in indecision because you’re frozen on what decision to make, to move ahead just out of fear. So to make faster decisions, to grow faster in your business, developing the capacity to understand why you’re stressed in the first place, and know what to do with it is the key. So head to that episode if you do experience a lot of stress, or have difficulty managing uncomfortable emotions, or you know that uncomfortable emotions like doubt, fear, scarcity, hold you back in your business.

#6: Episode #58

Okay, Episode 58 is another popular one. It’s called 120 Ways To Manage Stress. So this is more of a to-do list or an action-oriented list. 

So episode 146 will help to create awareness as to why you’re stressed and some tips on what to do about it, and 58 is more of an actionable list when you are aware of your stress, how to manage it. They’re from slightly different perspective, obviously.

Episode 58, I created earlier on in my entrepreneurial journey. And Episode 146 is almost 100 episodes later. So you’ll also hear my own evolution and things I’ve personally learned, learning how to manage stress and difficult emotions or uncomfortable emotions, just discomfort in my own business. So I highly recommend listening to both because they’ll provide slightly different perspectives. And you’ll witness an ultra entrepreneur’s growth in-person, which is my own.

And hopefully, that’ll provide a path of hope for yourself and confidence that you too, will grow and evolve as an entrepreneur, which will help your business to grow and evolve.

#5: Episode #144

Okay, Episode 144 is Branding Tips For The Wellness Entrepreneur. So in this episode, you’ll of course learn branding tips, you’ll also begin to understand what’s the difference between your brand and your niche because they are slightly different.

And it’s important to discern the difference so you make sure you’re spending time in the right area of your business. So if you’re lacking clarity, or if you feel confused as to what your brand is, or how to differentiate yourself or your business as a brand, because there’s also a difference between a personal brand and a corporate brand, then make sure to head to that episode 144, branding tips for the Entrepreneur.

#4: Episode #150

In Episode 150, it’s all about marketing. It’s all about attracting those ideal clients to you or pulling them to you magnetically versus trying to push them towards you, which can sometimes feel manipulative or coercive or forcing or more of that patriarchal type of mindset where you know more than them. 

Dominance-pulling is more of a partnership with your ideal client and attracting those ideal clients to you where they are compelled to reach out to you and want to work with you more. So understanding the difference, that difference between them too, and how to do more of the pull-type marketing, which for most entrepreneurs, especially in the wellness industry, just feels more in alignment. So you tend to show up and be more consistent in your marketing when you do it that way.

#3: Episode #132

Episode 132 is Different Options To Start And Grow Your Wellness Business. It’s understanding the different roles that you can fulfill as a practitioner, whether you’re going to be a teacher, or a coach, or a healer, or a guru, there’s so many different options in your practitioner role. 

And truthfully, it doesn’t have to be black or white, where you have to say, “Oh, I’m a coach. And that’s the only thing to I’m doing,” or “I’m a guru or a master or teacher, and that’s the only thing I’m going to do,” because they’re slightly different. It’s understanding the different roles.

So then, when you’re in a session, for example, or leading a group call, you are aware of what role you’re fulfilling. So that way, you can meet your students’ needs. 

And there’ll be times like, for me personally, I am the teacher, like on this blog and on the podcast, I lead a lot of teaching-type episodes, but I also lead coaching-type episodes with a lot of prompts and questions to help you consider what’s going on in your own mind and bring out your own wisdom and insights. And you can tell, I try to anyways be as fluid with changing through them because I think that, for example, both of those are very needed to help you grow as a wellness entrepreneur.

So what roles can help your clients the best? And how do you want to utilize them in your own business? That episode will help you with your practitioner skills side.

#2: Episode #147

Episode 147 is all about Planning And Creating Content As A Wellness Entrepreneur. It’s labeled as a health coach, but it really is applicable to any type of wellness entrepreneur. So the episode is all about how to best utilize your time, how to create content that is compelling and attracts your ideal client.

#1 Episode: Episode #108 and #126

Episode 108 and 126 is a tie. 

So the first episode 108 is Six Ways To Get More Energy. The title describes it all right there. But just to highlight the importance of this, when you do have more energy, naturally, you’ll be more creative, you’ll be able to problem solve better, and you’ll be more productive and focused in your business. So sometimes, maximizing your energy is one way to get more done and really grow your business without having to overwork and hustle.

Episode 126 is Five Tips To Fill Your Classes And Private Sessions As A Yoga Teacher. Also applies to the health care provider, the health coach, the Reiki practitioner, the massage therapist, any of you that teach any type of classes, whether it be online or in a brick and mortar or workshops, so they’re just tips to feel any type of group activity, session class program that you are offering, especially if it’s on a weekly reoccurring basis.

Top 10 Episodes On Developing Your Skills as A Wellness Entrepreneur

Okay, now we’re going to move into the top 10 episodes from when I was working in my brick-and-mortar as a wellness practitioner, as a physical therapist, yoga teacher, coach, massage therapist.

These are both interviews with other wellness entrepreneurs, as well as insights from my own practitioner journey, where I see a lot of my clients that did have the clients and patients that did have great success, how they develop those wins, I share some of that insight. So these top 10 episodes will help to develop your skills as a wellness entrepreneur so you can help your own clients and patients get results quicker and easier. Because obviously, that benefits everyone.

#10: Episode #6

Episode number six is Whole Person Healing With Physical Therapy, Pilates, And More. This is an interview with Don and Alone (unsure about this, please check) of Level Four Physical Therapy, one of the top episodes of all time. 

It’s just really highlighting that as a health care provider, or even if you’re a yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, that you’re working with more than just a physical system or with physical therapy, how it’s more than just rehab, how wellness and preventative can be brought into healing. It’s all about how to holistically heal your people so they can live a higher quality life and participate in the activities that they really want to or show up as the parents they want to or whatever role in their life, the partner, the spouse, the significant other, the mom, the dad, the sister, the brother, the front, etc.

#9: Episode #38

Okay, episode number 38 talks about What Exactly Is Yoga Therapy. This is an interview with Monique Lehner from Soul of Yoga who has been leading the yoga therapy side. 

Soul of Yoga is a yoga studio here in Encinitas, and they have a very well-known yoga therapy certification. Actually, one of the only in-person, they also have an online component, but in-person yoga therapy certifications are available here in San Diego that you can go for the IAYT, the International Association of Yoga Therapists. 

I’ve known Monique a long time, and she’s run a very successful yoga therapy program over there. And so if you are a yoga teacher or a health care provider, a really concerned massage therapist who is really considering bringing yoga therapy or yoga itself into your practice, you definitely want to listen to this episode to understand what the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist because there are some subtle differences. And yoga therapy, especially for the healing rehab side of things, takes yoga teaching.  It is more than just an Asana. It’s the whole philosophy and eight limbs of yoga and sutras and more, where yoga really becomes a lifestyle to help your people heal, and that’s really the philosophy.

I am IAYT certified myself. And so when I brought yoga into my physical therapy brick and mortar, I never was just a physical therapy traditional clinic. It was always yoga and wellness based. How it can really help you to differentiate as a practitioner, and what a session might look like when you’re bringing yoga therapy into your practice. So listen to that episode with Monique, who is the expert in this area.

#8: Episode #109

Okay, next episode is episode 109, The Importance Of Brain And Nervous System Help With Entrepreneur Himself Ilya Nikolova. And he is my friend, longtime friend, and business partner. We’ve led yoga teacher trainings all over the world together, and he has a brick-and-mortar yoga therapy clinic and a Neurofeedback clinic. 

So in this episode, he really highlights the importance of again, working beyond the asanas, working beyond the physical body of strength, mobility, and movement, and tapping into the brain and the nervous system to live your best life, to be the best you 

And I can tell you, I’ve experienced the neurofeedback personally, and I really think it’s given me a stronger foundation, more resilience, more buffer space where I’m less easily triggered, and I have a different capacity. And I think, along with coaching and EFT, that that kind of triad and combination has really helped me to become aware of what I’m feeling, have the capacity to feel more discomfort in my body, which allows me to show up as an entrepreneur. I think all of that has really allowed and allowed my business to explode in the last couple of years. So definitely listen to that episode as both the practitioner and the entrepreneur.

#7: Episode #43

Episode number 43 is the Practice Of Self Study, which again is another one that’s really important for you as an entrepreneur.

Self-study is a yogic term. And it also applies to your clients and patients because for them to evolve, for them to truly heal, they do have to go inward and investigate, okay, what are the patterns of how they’re showing up, whether that be patterns of movements or patterns of thinking, because they’re going to have to lean into the discomfort of, as you know, creating different habits. 

But it all starts with the practice of self- study, of understanding why maybe certain patterns and habits were created in the first place, what those patterns and habits actually are, so then that awareness allows growth and room for the new habit creation. So you can head to that episode and listen to it for both yourself as the entrepreneur and to help your clients and patients investigate what’s going on for them as well.

#6: Episode #37

Number 37 is an episode interview with Dr. Amy Chadwick, who is a naturopath, and it’s all about Nurturing You And Your Life Patterns, which definitely complements episode 43. 

It’s understanding yourself and what you really need, again, as an entrepreneur or helping your clients and patients understand themselves and what they really need to nourish themselves day to day. So then they can show up, or you can show up in, again, those roles that light you up, the mom, the dad, the entrepreneur, the spouse, the partner, it’s learning what you really need and being okay with that and carving out the time for that without guilt. 

And if it doesn’t look a certain way, like for example, I work with Ayurvedic clients and practitioners, and sometimes, ayurvedic can be pretty rigid with a lot of rules and steps. And maybe you’re noticing that some of those more rigid Ayurvedic principles and philosophies don’t apply to certain clients, and certain clients intuitively may know, “Okay, that doesn’t work for me, or that process just doesn’t feel right for me,” and how can you actually know help them on earth their own innate wisdom and guidance, as well as understanding where might they have a block or resistance. 

So then together, you can create a process and a plan that really nourishes them, or when to follow the Ayurvedic principles to a T, for example, because there is, I feel, no one right way which may be a little against the Ayurvedic principles, but it’s just how I’ve personally grown and evolved, and both my health and entrepreneurial journey is learning how to investigate what does nourish me, where I might be holding back, where I might be experiencing fear of change, for example, and honoring what I really do need and making sure I’m carving out time for that. 

So this episode with Amy definitely goes into all of that, utilizing her, all her experience and knowledge as a naturopath.

#5: Episode #52

Okay, episode number 52 is Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Yoga And Wellness Program. So you might like listening to this episode as an entrepreneur yourself, because I know you know all the reasons why someone might need a yoga and wellness program. 

But you might like listening to it to help with some marketing tips such as reminding your audience and followers why they might want to join your own yoga classes or wellness program. So you can listen to it to get more clarity on your marketing message so it’s compelling, so those people want to take that next step and work with you more.

#4: Episode #35

Episode 35 is How To Process Triggers And Avoid Storing Tension In Your Body. So again, this was really starting the path of my journey of learning more about the nervous system and how important that is to incorporate this into healing work. 

So episode 35 was made several years ago, which is a few years into owning my own business. And I think what really differentiated me as a physical therapist, yoga teacher, wellness entrepreneur here in Encinitas, here in San Diego, which is a very saturated market, was utilizing and bringing in the nervous system work in a way that a patient and client understood the benefit and the value of this work. 

Because I worked with, at the time, a lot of ambitious adults and entrepreneurs who were in pain and who were struggling and carving out the time to sometimes do nothing, to do breath work, to do meditation or journaling or slow down their day enough to notice what is really triggering their nervous system is hard because they’re very busy.

So this episode really is the start of that journey where I’m starting to talk to people about their nervous system, how to become aware of what’s triggering their nervous system, and to help process it through. So it’s a great episode for you to become aware of yourself of what’s triggering you as an entrepreneur into a stress response so you can help your people better.

#3: Episode #24

Episode number 24 is one of my patients, Heather Oto. So you’ll hear her story on how she healed, her sciatic issue, and her path of bringing in this healing work as both a Yogini and a marketer. 

So again, great for your own awareness of the body of anatomy and hearing. All that is entailed with healing and how Heather really created the time to heal as a busy, ambitious person.

#2: Episode #50

Episode 50 is You’ve Been Diagnosed With A Serious Issue. Now What? And here you’ll hear a little bit about my own health journey of being diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome, which increases the risk of getting certain types of cancer, as well as my own cancer journey and some of the health challenges I went through years ago while being an entrepreneur. 

So it’s knowing that a diagnosis such as Scoliosis, such as a degenerative disease or an autoimmune issue or cancer or Lynch Syndrome yourself, doesn’t mean that it has to stop your life completely. It’s how to still fulfill your passions, your purpose, while having ample time to care for yourself. 

As you know, this is one of my main messages as a business coach to wellness entrepreneurs. And in this episode, you’ll hear a little bit about my story and how you can manage your own health diagnosis as well.

#1: Episode #44

Episode number 44 is How To Stop Repeating Habits That Don’t Serve You. And this is really from a yoga and a coaching perspective. Again, this is for both you, as an entrepreneur, if you have certain habits that you know are holding you back, maybe such as procrastination, or if your clients and patients who really keep coming to sessions but are still having a difficult  time creating new habits. 

And they keep repeating the same things where sometimes you’re like you want to bang your head against the wall because you know that their lives will change if they just start making these subtle shifts in their lives. So listen to this episode to get advice and ideas for yourself as an entrepreneur and also to help your clients, and patients get the results that they want with a little bit more ease in their life.


So there you have it, the top 21 episodes out of 200 episodes. Again, thank you so much for being a loyal listener to this podcast and a reader of this blog

And again, if you want to take up that special offer for this 200th episode, get your free one-to-one call if you decide to join the Awakened Mastermind. I can’t wait to work with you! 

I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!

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