What To Do When You Finish Your Certification And Degree: A Guide for Wellness Entrepreneurs

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 Before we get into the topic of today’s blog, What To Do When You Finished Your Certification, and that could be your first certification, or maybe you’re adding in a certification, and you want to pivot a bit or degree, we’re going to get into that in just a moment.

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Now we’re going to move into the blog topic this week: What To Do When You Finish Your Certification And Degree. So again, this might mean that you’re adding an additional certification or training to all your other trainings. Or maybe you’re working in a job, and this is your first certification, and you’re beginning to have a glimmer of an idea of, “Oh, possibly, I can do this on my own or possibly I can transition from this job or my current field that I’m working in and start to do this certification.”

What Usually Happens After Finishing A Certification or Degree

So let’s make this more practical. Maybe you’re a CPA, and you just finished a coaching certification. And you want to move more into the wellness field and start to transition from working with numbers where you actually help people, we’ll get into this more, to working more with people in a different way. Now you’ll be helping them with their wellness. Or the other way that this can be applied, if you’re a yoga teacher, and maybe you’re adding in a coaching certification or if your health care provider like a physical therapist, and you’re adding in a coaching certification, this is what I’m talking about. Or maybe you completed a degree program.

Regardless, what typically first happens in those first few days, sometimes depending on how long the program was, the first few weeks of finishing is two things: You have an excitement. You’re on cloud nine and also maybe a little bit exhausted just because you had to probably add a lot of time in your schedule to finish the degree and certification with still managing your business. Or at your job, you are excited because you get to implement these new techniques, you really want to help people in this new way. In fact, maybe you want to start focusing only on these new techniques and strategies you learned in your certification, and only helping people this way.

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And typically, right after finishing this certification, you’re fired up, you still have the courage and the inspiration from being surrounded by your teachers and your peers and being so immersed in the content and communicating and talking with them. And then you finish, and all of that goes away. 

So suddenly, you don’t have that ongoing support and connection with your peers. Suddenly, the teachers aren’t as available anymore, they’ve moved on to the next group. And you find yourself watching your peers, some of them are implementing the information, and they seem to be taking off, and others have gone completely quiet. 

And you’ll find yourself kind of scrambling, wondering what to do. And then through that whole process, that adrenaline that you were feeling, that inspiration, and that desire to do only those techniques and strategies and really implement this new work, it begins to slow down, or decrease. As your exhaustion takes over, you feel more of that exhaustion. And I just want to highlight that this is normal.

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Going Back to The Same and the Familiar

So as you become aware of this, then you will realize you have some choices. It doesn’t have to be so black and white, because often, at this point, I find the wellness practitioner, or if someone wants to transition to becoming a wellness practitioner, like that CPA, for example, it goes two ways: either you either go back to the same old same old, because it’s familiar, it’s predictable, they know what to expect. So they go back to focusing on their job, or they go back to being the practitioner and implementing the strategies that they are currently doing. And what has worked to bring them clients in the past and then occasionally, hesitantly dipping their toe in that new information, quietly and with caution, I should say, because they don’t want to rock the boat, or don’t feel that they have the time or energy to get as proficient as at what they would like in these new skills before they start to work with quote unquote, real people.Or they doubt that they have the skills or the ability to pivot or transition into something new. 

So really, in this case, it’s that new information is kind of sitting on the shelf, gathering dust. And that can be the shelf of your mind, meaning the binder from your degree, the certification, the folder is literally maybe sitting on your shelf gathering dust and the information in your mind is stored in the corner of your mind. 

And really it becomes a use it or lose it phenomenon, because you haven’t created new pathways or new neural connections with this new knowledge yet, so it stays more dormant. And you’re grooved pathways of what is familiar and predictable, your current skills, you continue to just use those.

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Abandoning Everything That You Currently Know or Doing

The other thing that I see that happens is practitioners winging on the opposite side of the scale, where they go in gung ho with this new information, and they abandon and disregard everything that they currently know, all their strengths and all their skills to get them to where they are currently. There’s a thought error going on in their mind, something to the nature of that that information isn’t relevant anymore, that information isn’t helpful anymore. This new information is the better way to go. And they abandon everything that they currently know or doing. 

And by doing that, they try to go all in on this new information and certification. But it ends up having to create something completely new. So they feel like they’re starting from scratch. It makes it complex and hard for themselves.

And if they were good and ambitious at what they were doing previously, sometimes there’s the element of perfectionism as well with that. So then they slow themselves down from implementing this new information because first, they have to cross all the t’s and the i’s, and the result is the same as the other practitioner is that they don’t end up implementing the work anyways because they get caught up in the other nuances of starting something new completely from scratch. 

And in both of those scenarios, they’re not going to serve you as a wellness practitioner, especially if you want to go off on your own and be an entrepreneur or continue to develop your wellness business, and it doesn’t serve your people, because they’re not going to get the help that they need when you’re trying to make everything perfect to “launch” this new thing you’re doing, or get the confidence to add in this new skill and strategy.

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The Other Way You Can Go About

So I want to tell you, there is another way, and that type of black or white thinking, or all or none thinking, is just our brain’s way in attempt, again, to keep us safe by compartmentalizing or leaning on our perfectionism trait. It’s an element to create safety, because your mind probably thinks, “Well, if I do it this way, or if I completely pivot and do it that way, and I have all my t’s crossed and my I’s dotted then for sure, it’ll be success.” But that’s not the truth.

If someone has everything tied up in a pretty bow, as if your wellness business, someone gifted you a box with wrapping paper and a bolt-on, it landed on your front doorstep, and all you had to do was open it and implement each of those strategies, it doesn’t guarantee success, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll start making money and signing clients right out the gate because your brain is involved and you are involved. And truthfully, it’s not going to separate you or differentiate you from anyone else out there that has similar certifications, and you, like a yoga teacher and a coaching certification, or a physical therapist and a coaching certification.

So how do you stand up and keep going so you don’t freeze when trying to implement this new knowledge from your certification, especially if you kind of want to focus more on that area you love, that new information? You want to evolve who you are as a practitioner. How do you keep going at that point?

We’re going to get to that because, personally, this is what has really allowed me to evolve my business several times over and keep going and stay profitable. As I do many certifications, as I complete different degrees and trainings and knowledge base, I’m allowed to keep going. Because everything I’ve done in my 20-plus years of working with people has helped you define my brand to allow me to stand out and differentiate myself with my expertise, my knowledge, my experience, it allows me to bring all of this together. So I am an authority. I am an expert in the wellness field. It’s allowed me to create my intellectual processes. And it’s because I’ve had big picture thinking where it hasn’t been all or none doing it the physical therapy way, or the coaching way, or the yoga way, or the massage way.

It’s been all of the way, in combination with my experience, my story, no one else has the same exact certifications and trainings that I do while going through and managing Lynch syndrome, healing from cancer, preventing cancer, going through treatments, embodying this wellness, my own wellness practices, as I show up and coach my entrepreneurs and teach them my successes. And I’m still learning.

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So, for example, I finished a coaching certification earlier this year. I love that information. It’s really leveled up my game. I’m bringing the techniques into my coaching calls with my clients. And fortunately, this coaching certification that I finished still has ongoing calls, it’s not the same frequency. So the number of calls per month has dramatically reduced, but there are still bimonthly calls that I can hop on and get more proficient in the skills and the techniques. And I don’t feel as if the teachers have just moved on to the next group. But regardless of having that in your world or not, if your certification or training doesn’t have that component, you can still continue to learn and get more confidence with these new skills as you’re still helping people.

And that is the key for me personally, as I was going through the coaching certification, I attended all the practice calls as much as possible. And so I really got to bring this work into my own life and experience it and feel it myself and feel the transitions and see the shifts in my business, and I still have two one on one coaches that I’m working with concurrently and sharing the information with them and bridging the gap with when I’m coaching with them, of what I’m coaching myself on, and allowing them to take that to the next step. And it’s really transformed my life over the last year in so many different ways. So that gives me more confidence to use the techniques and skills with my own clients right out the gate.

And here is the thing, I am always measuring the results, I measure the results in different ways. When I work with my clients, at the end of calls, I make sure they’re getting insights. We talk about wins. At the beginning of each call, every month, I send out a Google forum so they can evaluate how the previous month went. And I can see what results they created each month. So as I bring in techniques, I’m still measuring their progress.

Here’s the thing, if I didn’t announce that I went through this new coaching certification, probably no one would have known, they might have seen subtle shifts in my life and the progress in my business. And maybe my clients felt like they were getting results with more ease because I’m implementing these techniques, but no one maybe would have known. That’s because I do two things: the additions. Any certification and training I do, the additions are subtle, I am thinking big picture. And how do I think big picture? It’s focusing on the client’s results.

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So I say this, and I teach this a lot to my wellness entrepreneurs who I coach, because many of them are multi-certified, many of them have so many skills and trainings, and so many ideas and ways that they can help people, it comes down to helping the person in front of them. 

So this is so simple, especially if you’re doing one-to-one. So that is why it’s recommended. And I fully believe that one-to-one is the simplest path to get to six figures, because I’ll tell you why. You can just focus on that person’s problem right in front of you. And then you imagine you’re wearing tool belts, and in that tool belt, has your experiences from life that you can use as reframes and inspirational stories. It has any certification that you’ve taken or any skill that you’ve acquired.

So even, let’s come back to that CPA example who now wants to do wellness coaching. As a CPA, you still worked with people, you still helped them, you still had to listen to the problem that they brought to the table of why they hired you in the first place, you had to create a plan to help them, and then you had to help them. And as a CPA, you had to be very organized and detailed. And you probably had your own processes of helping people don’t abandon that bring that with you when you want to help people as a wellness entrepreneur. 

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Same as a physical therapist. I know so many physical therapists that have decades of experience working with people. And it’s just a subtle shift in these two words, instead of rehab, you’re doing it for wellness, for example.

It’s so easy, everything else just stays in that tool belt, and you bring it up as appropriate to help solve the client’s problem that they just told you that they want help with. So you bring out one tool and use that. So you never have to abandon all your skills, all your strengths, all your knowledge based on all those neural pathways in your brain and your nervous system that have been created to keep you safe, to allow for familiarity and predictability. Keep all those and add in this additional certification and start to create new neural pathways in a way that your nervous system can handle so you don’t freeze. 

And the more you do that, then those new neural pathways will be strengthened, and they will become more familiar, and you’ll have the capacity to take on more courageous leaps of faith, like maybe leaving your job and going off on your own thing or staying at your job and just getting more courageous to tell other people about this coaching side hustle that you have, for example.

You don’t have to change everything, and you don’t have to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s and have it be perfect to start helping people utilizing this new certification and new training and knowledge. Right now, all you have to do is get out there and start talking to people and listening to their problems, and if someone has a problem that this new certification and technique can solve in combination with all your other skills and strengths, then tell them that’s it and start guiding them in the practitioner skills way that you really want to.

And that’s why I love being a coach for the wellness entrepreneur because that word wellness is so all-encompassing, right? It can be a super large tool belt of wellness tools that you have in that tool belt, like for me yoga coaching, massage, physical therapy, and then under those, I have other certifications like hypnotherapy, NLP master trainer, a Reiki practitioner, it can go on and on and on. But I’m not getting lost in the weeds of all that. In fact, I don’t even remember all of them because the skills have become innate within me because I just keep practicing them. I just keep honing, practicing working with people, and pulling up the tool belts. And at night, I go through reading books and some of my own training modules and picking up the details. So I’m always constantly submersed in the information when I want to be.

Some are so careful there that make sure you’re not overworking and not over-hustling from lack. Because there are times, plenty of times, especially on the weekends, when I read mindless fiction novels, and I love that and watch movies with my daughter. And you can hop on Instagram and follow me in the stories to follow us on all our fun adventures. So I’m not in that information 24/7 for sure. But I do spend plenty of time there where I’m always picking up the details, and maybe just one sentence and being like, “Oh, yes, that’s another perspective I can provide my clients to help them get the results.” So it can be subtle shifts, where you’re starting to bring that knowledge into the work that you’re currently doing. So you get more confident in that.

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Questions You Need To Ask Yourself After Getting A Certification Or Degree

And then this brings to the next question you can ask yourself if you just finished that certification or degree, what was your goal for that? If you have a job, and you do want to do a big pivot moving into entrepreneurship, how can you utilize the experience and your skills in this current job to help define what type of entrepreneur you want to be with this certification? 

And what is the next smallest step you can take right now to embark on this entrepreneurship journey? In fact, I already gave you the answer. I just started talking to people about that.

Here’s another question. What can you do that no one else does quite like you that really combines your expertise and your knowledge, and all your certifications? Write all that out, it’ll give you more confidence. 

If you focus on this, wearing your tool belt of certifications, experiences, degrees, knowledge, then talking to someone, especially if you’re doing one-to-one, hearing their problem, recognizing that you have the solution to that problem in your tool belt that you can help them, then you don’t have to get caught up in a particular niche, or exactly what you’re doing, and allow the language or the copy of getting, for example, that power statement exactly correct. It doesn’t matter. Just talk to the person in front of you and tell them how you can help to solve their problem. That’s it. That’s why one-to-one is so simple. And that is how you can do physical therapy and yoga and coaching and all, and you don’t have to get confused by it all.

Now you do want to stay within your scope of practice. But truthfully, there’s so much overlap, and all these different wellness modalities, so much overlap. So don’t get stuck in the box of protocols of having to do it this way. Your mentor does it that way and loses sight of your strengths and your expertise, and your own skills that you currently have. Just listen to the client’s needs. Trust yourself, be confident in the current skills that you already have. 

Be confident in this new knowledge that you learned and you can bring that in as well. Slow down, listen to them, think big picture of where they want to go and how you can help them. Write down all the ways that you can help someone. That’s your tool belt. 

Then the more clients you work with your specialty, your niche, it will emerge, it will become more clear, and you don’t have to force it. At that point, you’ll just see a pattern of the clients you work with and how you help them. And then you can still focus on that as you continue to learn more and more certifications. And that will continue to bolster that knowledge.

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And here’s the thing until it doesn’t, until you learn knowledge that shakes that foundation of everything that you learn, and then you start questioning what you’re doing, again, it’s just the natural progression. And again, instead of abandoning everything that you’re doing, and everything that you learned, you take a moment, while still helping people to consider how that new knowledge how that shake up, how that new knowledge will fit with your existing knowledge and skills and strengths while you’re still getting out there and helping people. That’s the difference. 

Sometimes we get so shaken up by new knowledge, or we get so excited by this new knowledge. It causes us to freeze, we stop helping people, we stopped talking with people. And we just go into our little caves of trying to perfect our website and our message and that one sentence that clearly describes exactly what we’re doing.

But I’ll tell you, that’s not the key to getting the one sentence by just sitting there and forcing your brain to think about it. The key to getting clarity on exactly what you’re doing is by working with people, and allowing that shakeup to happen, feeling vulnerable, while that shakeup happens, and then allowing the new knowledge to fit in.

I promise you, it will it’ll fit in like a puzzle where it just finally clicks for you. And you’re like, “Oh, I get it now, how my expertise, how my strengths, how my skills all come together with this new knowledge and I can still help people.” And then as you do that, because you keep going, your audience will keep expanding, and you’ll continue to get clearer and clearer on what you’re offering. And so then more people will want to work with you, you can add in group programs. So then you’re moving from that one-to-one to helping one-to-many with group programs and demand programs. And that is how you can scale your business with more ease instead of stopping, stopping, stopping, starting, scratching everything starting over again, that is exhausting.

So you can actually follow me in person where I literally have gone through this process myself. And speaking of, I’m launching my own group program, the end of June. I’m launching The Awaken Mastermind. So now you have two ways to work with me. If you like to work more independently, meaning implementing things on your own time. If you want to be inspired, you love working with a community and peers, like-minded thinkers, wellness entrepreneurs, just like you being submersed in the awakened protocols, implementing, encouraging each other, then The Awaken Mastermind is for you.

It’s All the Awaken Six Pillars of Content where we focus on creating your marketing plan, and really getting clarity on your messaging and your positioning. You’ll also go through selling, improving your conversions. So first, you get confident in your offer, you create that compelling offer, then you can go through the consultation, conversation framework and improve your conversions.

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On your consultations, you will understand the numbers, which metrics to measure in your business, and how to interpret those numbers with the business data analysis. Wow. Here’s the key thing managing stress. So having tools to help move through and process uncomfortable emotions like impostor syndrome, doubt, fear, overwhelm, pressure, with the Resilience Blueprint, so none of those cause you to freeze. All while doing this within your ideal schedule. You’ll learn how to prevent even heal burnout with the successful scheduling system. And then you’ll have the repeatable process to help. When you do get those new clients, have them renew and work with you again and again with the client renewal blueprint. So you can learn all of that in the awaken mastermind container in the group format.

If you like working more one-to-one, if you do get overwhelmed by groups, it causes your nervous system to freeze, no problem. I am still offering one-to-one sessions so you can get that same content and more of an intimate setting, you can get my eyes on your business. And this one-to-one setting, this container is more appropriate for the multiple six-figure earner. I recommend if you want to hit your first six figures, go for the Awaken group coaching program. If you are a multiple six-figure earner, one-to-one is the better path to go for you right now in my business because I can help you more with hiring and managing staff and becoming that confident CEO. So that’s my recommendation. 

But you can also be the wellness entrepreneur that is scaling to their first six figures and work with me one-to-one. I have many successful wellness entrepreneurs who are nearing their first six figures and are currently working with me one-to-one. There is no wrong or right way, just think of how you work best in learning new knowledge and implementing that new knowledge.

So if you do and are interested in the Awaken Mastermind, I encourage you to schedule a consultation call. That’s how we will decide together whether you’re a good fit for that program for that group, the group will be launching, the first call will be Thursday, June 22, it’s the perfect time to start because then you can have that summer of having of growing a profitable business and have more time with your family at the pool. Because we will work on your schedule and get you more profitable. And one-to-one is ongoing. So you can work with me one to one ongoing that is on a rolling basis. And as availability is available because it’s one-to-one that there’s only so many one-to-one clients I take on at a time.

So there you have it, the many ways to get started today, with utilizing your knowledge, your expertise, even when you’ve just finished a certification finished a degree, and maybe it requires a large or small pivot in the direction that you want to go. You can still get out there this week and help more people and sign clients, and that will give you confidence and the knowledge that you do have a viable business, that you do help people so keep going get out there and help people. People need your help. There’s never been a better time to be a wellness entrepreneur than right now. 

Okay, I will see you next week. Bye for now!

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