What Is Scoliosis

Do you ever feel like your right side of the body is different than the Left? In terms of strength, flexibility, how you move?

This is so common. I haven’t met a human yet who is completely symmetrical side to side! When it’s more important to be aware of is when you have pain in the body, feel a large difference side to side or have been given the diagnosis of scoliosis. 

At Ignite we work a ton with scoliosis! Patients that don’t even know they have it, as well as patients that have been diagnosed years or even decades ago. Just know that despite what a MD or practitioner may say there is always progress to be made, and maybe even more importantly prevent the curve from worsening in the future.

Watch this video below to learn more about what it is, to unravel if you may have it and of course next steps!


Alison McLean

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