What will make 2021 a successful year for you?

I know 2020 wasn’t the year you desired. It was filled with changed schedules, canceled vacations, isolated holidays, and stressful day to day moments.What you might not have realized is, all this exacerbates any issue that was there prior to the pandemic.At Ignite this year I saw a dramatic increase in busy adults with low back pain issues, sciatic issues and the ability to manage and cope with the increase in stress.However, nothing has gone wrong and we will get through this.Even though these situations and outcomes are undesirable, it is part of the human experience. As I heal, I’m currently reading the book The Leap by Steve Taylor. He mentions prior to an evolution or awakening of an individual, commonly there is a great struggle, challenge or traumatic event. Right now as a human race we are collectively going through this. Which means you have the opportunity to grow and become better you for 2021.
Who do you want that person to be??In one year from now, when you look back on the year 2021, who is the person you’ve become? What dreams have you completed? What choices have you made? What do you think? Who do you look like? What do you do day to day?

I encourage you to journal on this. Be as detailed as possible. Then make decisions today as if you are this person who’s accomplished these great things in 2021, RIGHT NOW.

Next let’s focus on another area you have control over. You have the ability to calm your nervous system through your breath. Allow the breath to lengthen, become more full. Focus your awareness to the present moment. What are you feeling and thinking? Write it down. Now, what are your dreams, visions and goals for the future.

What is it that you want to cultivate for this New Year? Write it down. Be specific. Make a commitment with yourself.

I typically set New Year intentions, however I never realized there was always a lingering doubt behind them. This year I hesitant to even set a goal. I wanted to set something achievable, but that would also serve the greater good of my family and society. I had set goals like this in the past, but never really achieved.In the past when I hit big milestones, they just happened. I never set out to achieve them. So I thought- well, what’s the point?

However, this year my coach forced me to look at that doubt straight on. I asked myself, why did I think that goal would not happen? Why would failure be inevitable?

The answers were eye opening. My deeper fears, the ones holding me back, came to the surface.Once these fears were realized THEN I could work with them and make a plan.Have you asked yourself this question? The answers are often why goals and intentions fail. There are these sneaky unconscious thoughts in the background sabotaging good intentions.Once I created a plan to work with those fears, then the goal took on a new feeling. Less doubt and hesitation. Try it. Let’s see what’s possible for you in 2021.
To help with this process I’ve created a

5 Day New Year Nervous System Reset Challenge.

This challenge is perfect if you:

  • are ready for the New Year, but not sure how to set yourself up for success
  • feel discouraged and frustrated by all the overwhelm and stress
  • know that stress exacerbates your aches and pains
  • want to reduce stress but are unsure how to fit it into your crazy schedule
  • are craving some relaxation and downtime, but have a hard time slowing down and/or stopping
  • experience guilt when you think of taking some self care time

In this challenge, we will go over the secret to managing your crazy schedule, create your intentions for 2021, learn about the truth about reducing stress and tension to unlock the path to success in 2021, understand how to have a relationship with your spouse and children that doesn’t cause more stress and anxiety, and so much more…Plus when you register you will earn a chance at $500.

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