What you don’t know about failure as an entrepreneur

Failing is normal as an entrepreneur. You’ve probably experienced this already. It can be failure of no engagement on a post, or 0 signups for a new program.

Even though it’s part of the growth process, a lot of entrepreneurs allow fear of failure to hold them back.

Because they are afraid it will make it mean something about them. Like:

“I’m not good enough”

“I don’t have what it takes”

“I need more skills”

“She has the ability, but I don’t…”

The tendency then is to unconsciously overcompensate. To think if you work harder, longer, THEN you will be worthy. Then you can out race failure. Instead of using the failure as data, just numbers, to gain an understanding of how to refine and improve.

The problem with unconscious overcompensation is:

  1. You can’t out race failure. It’s going to catch up in some way, surprise you, take the wind right out of your sails. This will then lead to doubt of yourself, your capabilities, and ability to run business.
  2. You will exhaust yourself. Take it from me. I lived this. It’s just not sustainable.

What I teach in the mastermind is to anticipate failure. To create buffer and space for this to happen. To have a process to prevent it from happening again, in the same exact way. To learn and grow from the experience so you come out stronger, not beaten down.

You have a plan for the future and feel confident that reaching your goals is inevitable. A done deal. While knowing, you just might fail again in the process. Or, it could go very smoothly the second try. But you won’t give up. You will keep going.

And, you will have a community of people to pick you up. Dust you off, help you to learn, celebrate the wins and keep you going. If you are ready to take up space, show up, fail and know that you can get back up again come join us.



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Alison McLean

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