Where to Spend Your Time In Your Wellness Business

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So you started your business and you show up with the best intentions because you do want it to grow, you want to help people, however, sometimes your unconscious brain and your nervous system hijack your best intentions and cause you to play small. In this episode, we’re going to go over three areas where I see a lot of entrepreneurs unconsciously hiding in their business. Make sure to read to avoid these mistakes and uncover where you should spend your time in your wellness business

What Does It Mean When Wellness Entrepreneurs Hide Unconsciously?

And what does that mean specifically? It means that they’re working on areas of their business that seem like a good idea, that feel like it’s moving their business forward, an idea that came to mind for an urgency, that they feel that they need to do something because it’s the right way to do something, to attract more clients, to make more money.

What really is happening is the entrepreneur is working on these items in isolation by themselves and never getting out in the real world and talking to people and meeting people, whether that’s online or in person and making offers and telling them what you do.

The Three Main Area Where Wellness Entrepreneurs Unconsciously Hide

So we’ll go over three main areas that seem like a great idea right now and what to do instead because some of the areas are needed, and there is a balance of continuing to work in these areas, but still finding the time to get out there and just talk to more people.

The First Area: Websites

So the first big area I see are websites. Websites seem mandatory. I mean, especially if you’re in an online business, yes you do want a website, but if you’re just starting out and launching your business or your haven’t quite figured out your niche or what exactly your offers are, there is no need to spend a lot of time forcing that niche to come out, forcing your copying or what to write on the website and trying to build it big like five or six pages. It’ll just suck a lot of your time.

And truthfully, the more people you work with over time, the message, your offers, you’ll get more clarity on what exactly you want to write on your website in the first place. So don’t lose a lot of time and energy just slaving away for hours, trying to write perfect copy for your homepage or your “About” page or many sales pages. Instead, just focus on one page. Create a landing page for example, that people, when they land on the page, they know exactly what the next step is.

For example, you can create a landing page for a consultation call where it describes the offer that you’ll make to them, the value of the consult call, what they get for showing up, what’s expecting on the call, benefit of the call, and all that you can do on one page. And then you have the CTA on how they can schedule.

This is just one example and that could take you maybe an hour or two to write, then have it up. Then you have a link available for your Instagram or your Facebook or an e-mail you can send them to where they can just jump on the one landing page, which you can do through many options.

Many email providers such as Convert Kit, Entreport, I’m not sure if Acuity and (inaudible) do it, Kajabi, if you have Kajabi, but there’s many software platforms that are all-in-one where it’s very easy, just create one landing page and you don’t have to buy another software system.

However, you can also do this through leave pages. So just pick the platform, write out what you want for that specific offer, going to the consult call for example, and then move on to marketing to get people to that consult call instead of spending weeks. Or I know people who have stopped their business or plateaued their business for months trying to create their ideal website.

I promise you, if you can just get going in your business, the website will write itself.

The Second Area: Writing Posts and E-mails

Another area where I see people hiding unconsciously is through writing posts and e-mails. And again, these are a necessary thing you do want to get out there in the world. Put your valuable content out there so people can start to get wins.

And you are establishing your authority, your expertise, you’re credibility. What goes wrong is when it takes hours to write one post or hours to write one e-mail or you write the e-mail or post and never send it. What usually happens at this point is some fashion of perfectionism is going on where there are thoughts in your brain saying, “This isn’t good enough,” “People won’t like it,” or, “Who am I to write it?” And essentially, it’s creating a writer’s block where the content struggles to find its way onto the page or you freeze and just never posted at all.

It’s good to be aware of this because it happens at all stages of business. Even for myself, moving into a different revenue category this year, I still sometimes doubt my own copy. Right now I’m really working on refining my copy and my marketing and at times I just beat myself up. So it’s important to know that it’s normal and nothing has gone wrong and nothing is wrong with you. This is just an opportunity. This is the self-healing work that I do with the entrepreneurs who I work with. And mindset work where when you create awareness, then you can decide you have choices to say, “Oh, okay, this fear is appropriate. Maybe I need to sit and process with it or dig in deeper here what’s really going on under the surface.”

Or you can have an opportunity to say, “Ah, that’s just my primal brain talking, trying to keep me safe and redirect, redirect to something else.” Like I will help one person today. One person reads this e-mail or blog post and they get insight and they get help. That’s all that’s needed. Find something of inspiration to shift the energy for yourself so you can get content out in the world.

Because just naturally the same, just like the website, the more that you do, the more that you actually show up in the world, putting your content out there, the better it’ll get. Because you’ll continue refining, you’ll continue learning, where if it stays stuck inside you, there’s no growth.

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The Third Area: Contents Only For Paying Programs

The other area where people unconsciously hide or play small is by creating lots and lots of content, but for their paying program. So you’re creating a six-week online course or an on-demand program for your people. I’ve been there. It’s so easy to get sucked into creating content, especially if you’re a seeker and you love to learn information and then synthesize it and then create fun things for your people. This is totally my jam and I get sucked there. I could spend hours and hours and hours bringing out all my books off the shelf, all my own courses and programs I paid for and bringing it all together for you, and here is really an art of continuing to create deliverables when appropriate.

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Your Signature Program, Deliverables and Materials Will Write Itself Overtime

So meaning that when I first started, all I did was show up to sessions. When I had one-to-one appointments, I just showed up to sessions. I didn’t have any deliverables to give to my patients and clients outside of sessions. Over time, after repeatedly writing similar exercises or now in the entrepreneurial world, similar mindset techniques, similar self-coaching, journaling prompts or exercises to shift the energy where I’ve written them over and over and over again that now again, the deliverable has just written itself.

I never have to sit down for a block of time where to create deliverables for my people or content for my people with nothing to go off of. That usually causes me to freeze and it feels forced and I’m a lot slower. And the content that really is when it sucks a lot of your time is if you’re forcing it into reality where if you just get out there and start working with more people, your content that you’ll create for people again, will naturally write itself. Because you’ll create your own processes, you’ll create your own systems, you’ll create your own intellectual property and you’ll know how to succinctly describe it when you work with people over and over and over again describing it to that.

And so then at some point when you’ve written it, oh, I don’t know, maybe the hundredth or fourth time, then you’re like, “Okay, I just need to have this written once and for all so I can just print it out for my people.” And in this way, that’s how my workbook was created. I just had exercises for my patients. It first started with the Heal Your Low Back Blueprint because there were exercises, yoga, asanas, uses of props, which sometimes can get a little complicated that I was teaching over and over again to my patients. And I was videoing them in it, taking the time in the session to write it down. And then it became much simpler over time where I knew them in my head, where I could just get it out of my head and create a whole program for them.

So now when patients work with me in a package format, I just give them the program. So the exercises are already there, they’re already written down. They have access to my workshops where they can do full yoga practices. All the queuing for the props is already there, but that was created through years of working with people.

So if you’re just starting out, be patient, just begin to build your library one exercise at a time. For my entrepreneurs, that’s exactly how I wrote my two workbooks. I was continuously describing a system over and over and again, I finally just wrote it down, the processes, and created a document for that, or for the self-coaching and journaling prompts, I eventually wrote down step-by-step processes. Then all those documents came together to form a workbook. And so they naturally wrote themselves.

And now I’m in a phase in my business where I’m ready to create another new program to compliment some of my coaching sessions. So stay tuned on that. And I really want to update and refine some of the lessons in the portal to make them more streamlined and succinct and update the workbook in some ways because I have some more clarity on my own systems and processes where I can write it to help my entrepreneurs get the results faster.

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Planning And Preparation Ahead Of Time Is Key

So you see, creating an on-demand program and deliverables, it’s not a one and done thing. You don’t just create it and then you let it go because you evolve it over time. However, you don’t want it to consume all your time outside of sessions or else you’ll never be marketing and selling, which is essentially bringing people in the door.

So you actually have clients consuming your deliverables that is why you have to have a balance and it might need that one hour or two hours a week you dedicate to creating these deliverables. Or maybe what I do is I go through blocks of content creation where one quarter I might focus, for example, quarter one, I’m going to be percolating some of the ideas for the updated journal, the updated portal, and possibly a new program. And I’m going to let it sit with me as I continue to work with people and jot down ideas in my drive and in documents. And then over time, I will work it into my schedule for quarter two to spend more time with that. But I’m going to prepare for it where I’m going to make sure I have certain marketing content ready to go, I’ve planned ahead in the webinars or any workshops I’m going to be teaching and the follow up emails.

So then the key is to plan ahead and to know what type of schedule is going to work for you to do it step-by-step, week by week, and hour to a week while you’re continuing to market and sell, or do you want to do it in bigger blocks of time where you plan ahead to do it and you just get it done in a couple weeks or during one quarter for example.

There’s no one right way. You got to know your learning style, your creation processes style, and this is getting to know you.

A Process You Can Utilize To Maximize Your Schedule

So it’s peeling back the layers of understanding the ways that you work best. And it’s not the glamorous work at times of an entrepreneur, but it is the work to help you grow faster. So if you do take time to just throughout your day, listen to those nudges, listen to your intuition when it’s speaking to you of how you like to structure your day or week and taking note of that and honoring that. So then you can create the hybrid schedule that really works for you. And you’ll come out of hiding, meaning you’ll get things done step-by-step. You’ll show your face in the world and you’ll create all that wonderful content that you really want to create for your people. And you’ll have people that are ready and excitedly waiting to consume it. That’s the ideal.

So this week, just observe. Observe where your mind wants to go or what you want to gravitate towards. And I have a process. I teach my people. I’ve learned from Brooke Castillo called “Hour One”  and then I’ve created my own hybrid approach of this

So, in the beginning of the week, you’re really writing out, you’re almost doing a brain dump of everything you need to get done for the week. And then structuring your calendar in an ideal way that creates time for any family things that you want to do, your own wellness practice, getting to your own yoga classes and walking just like you see that I do on Instagram and beginning to write out in a very structured and detailed way. Let’s say there is a program that you want to create or you do want to create a workbook for your people. What are all the steps that needs done for that? And not putting that large project on your calendar for the week, but taking one of the small steps and bringing it into your calendar so you also have time for the marketing and breaking down specifically what are you going to do in your marketing.

Are you going to make time to message people and just chat with them? Are you going to ask people for coffee dates on LinkedIn? Are you going to get into groups and help people and serve? Are you going to write content? Are you going to go to networking events? What specifically are you going to do in your marketing?

And if you’re looking for marketing ideas, then make sure to get the Free Training To Get Clients Blueprint. You’ll get a whole page of marketing ideas and also you’ll know the next step. So it’s one thing to put all the marketing content in the world. Then your people, they might love it and they don’t know what to do next. So you’ll learn that and they get clients’ blueprint. So this is where the work all comes together. So eventually you can have that five- or six-page website and you’ll have clients and an audience ready to read it or we’ll create content.

And again, you’ll have audience that will engage in comment. So observe your week and notice where you might be hiding and playing small. And when that happens, you have a couple options depending on the time available to you. You can inquire right then, set 10 minutes, it doesn’t take that long, and just get in touch with yourself. What comes up when you ask yourself, why am I not out there talking to people right now? Why am I sitting and hiding or whatever phrase works for you? Why am I sitting at my computer where no one can see me, no one can hear me and spending hours here?

You’ll notice maybe fears come up, doubts, insecurities, write them all down because that’s the work that if you have a coach like me, you can bring to a call and work through. So then you have a plan for when that happens.


So you can shift the energy or you can process through whatever emotions are stuck, lingering in your body, causing that tension or anxiety or fear. So then you can be onto yourself. When you are writing the e-mail or a post, you can say, “Oh no, it’s time. This just needs to go out into the world.” And you can also evaluate it if you felt like, “Oh, there are areas of improvement and refinement.” Write down what you did like first. Congratulate yourself for getting it out there in the world. Don’t beat yourself up where else you’re going to cause a negative feedback loop and a higher likelihood of freezing in the future.

Instead, celebrate yourself for getting something out there. Notice what you did like so you can carry into future pieces of content. And then also write down the areas that you do want to define and improve.

I’m always doing this to try to make my content, both for the marketing side and also for my deliverables, for my paying clients, better, clearer, more precise and succinct and tighter. It’s an evolution. But start here this week. Observe, notice, and get to know yourself so you can be onto yourself for future weeks.

Okay, there you have it. I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!

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