Why I’m so happy despite having to get a CTscan today

Last week my coach stated and asked “You look happy. What’s working?”

And I am. For maybe the first time in many, many years I’m experiencing happiness and joy.

Not to say I didn’t have moments of happiness and joy over the last few decades. I just didn’t allow myself to really FEEL them. Truly open my heart to them.

And, it’s not to say I’m happy 100% of the time. But, I do feel different.

I’m having more fun with my family, friends AND in my business.

You might be thinking well it’s easy for her, she:

  • has perfect health, and a Doctorate to always know what to do
  • has a perfect life
  • her husband helps her
  • her business does look fun, but mine is much harder because….

Some of those thoughts are untrue. My health has never been perfect. In fact, this morning I have to get a CTscan today to monitor a growth and meet with my Oncologist Wed. to make plan B for it. I decided I can be happy, despite going through this. And, I can feel the crappy moments too.

I didn’t always have a doctorate (in fact I really struggled to get it!), my husband and I really struggled at times, and there was a time a few years ago I allowed my business to really exhaust me.

So you see. I’m not special. It’s possible for you too. In fact it’s pretty simple. I’m not saying it’s always comfortable at times. However, it’s not rocket science.

I can show you how. On this week’s podcast you can listen to step 2 of a process I created to Cultivate Your Version of Success (in health, business and life).

See you on the mat,


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