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Create Balance Workshop

Are you distracted by your aches and pains when you sit at your desk and this creates a lack of focus? Do you worry that this issue will just get worse?? Then this workshop is perfect for you. Many entrepreneurs are not as productive as they could be because of soreness, stress and exhaustion. In this workshop you will learn much more.
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Workshop on the Psoas, Pelvis & The Nervous System

Join Alison in this online workshop to learn more about the psoas muscle, it’s relationship to the nervous system and how it can impact how you feel in the low back, hips, pelvis and even in the neck. Get back your energy, and reduce soreness so you can regain your creativity and inspiration to get the results you desire in your business.​​
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Meditation for the Entrepreneur​

Have you heard of meditation working wonders for business owners, but you aren’t sure where to start? In this program you will be introduced to meditation, and specifically types of meditation to help with pain relief and stress reduction. This program includes different types of meditation for variety to help fit into your lifestyle and needs.​​
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Nutrition for Healing, Replenishment and Fuel Program

Without a clear step by step program, that is individualized to their body and needs, most people never get to the point where they feel like they are finally in control of their nutrition.. Even though you may have already given up all hope, or thought you tried everything, you still have another shot!​
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Sciatica & Low Back Workshop

This workshop is perfect for all levels of yoga practitioners, especially if you feel frustrated that you are missing out on activities you enjoy, like getting on the ground to play with your kids or grandkids. In this workshop you will learn common causes, and how to solve this issue. Don’t let low back and sciatic issues hold you back from enjoying the life you desire.
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Level Up Your Yoga Program

Even if you have never tried yoga before, or feel like your not flexible yoga can be the perfect solution to reducing aches and pains, giving you more energy and helping to manage stress. If you are a practicing yogi, but feel stuck in your practice or are worried about getting injured let me help you safely progress to gain more confidence and freedom in your body.
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The "Heal Your Low Back" Blueprint

As a busy entrepreneur, you’ve often wondered how in the world “back pain” became a thing you have to deal with. And, yet you find yourself searching You Tube for “lower back pain relief stretches”, firing up the heating pad night after night, and asking your partner to give you the kids (the furry or human kind) a bath because you just. can’t. do it tonight.
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Stress Less Catalyst Program

Learn the secret to living a balanced and fulfilled life despite of COVID and everything else going on. You already know the importance of self care. However, thinking of adding ONE more thing to your already hectic schedule causes anxiety.

You have some nagging pain and discomfort, yet when you try to do some yoga or relax at home your kids are always urgently needing help, and mom guilt surfaces (and/or entrepreneurial guilt). Bubble baths aren’t cutting it, plus you don’t have time for them anyways…. As a business owner you must learn how to prioritize your needs and health for the success of not only your business, but your life. Get back to the activities you love and be present with your family, without the worry and guilt, while creating fulfillment in your business and life.

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Yoga Therapy to Relieve Stress & Tension in Neck, Upper Back, and Shoulders

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think the source of your neck issue is how you slept or your pillow? Often the root source neck soreness, the inability to turn the head, tension and knots in the shoulders is more than just how you slept.

And, going to bed again and hoping it will be better when you awake won’t solve the problem for good. There are solutions. Join Alison and explore how to unlock your body’s relaxation response to release bound up tension and pain in the upper back neck and shoulders.

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5 Strategies Your Must Take For Your Body, Brain [and Bank Account]

Here Is Why You Need This Workshop

1. How to win in business without fighting with your partner, compromising your sanity and health, or going to bed at night consistently wishing tomorrow would be better

2. Life changing strategies for busy business owners guaranteed to help you build a more a successful business while worrying less and getting more done in less time. 

3. How become decisive to get things done quickly and effectively

4. Simple strategies to live the life you dreamed and business you can be proud of, easy, enjoyable and profitable (and has other business owners wishing they knew your secret).

5. Why you need to prioritize your health and work with your nervous system for business success, and how to do it.

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