Yoga Therapy to Relieve Stress & Tension in Neck, Upper Back, and Shoulders

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think the source of your neck issue is how you slept or your pillow? Often the root source neck soreness, the inability to turn the head, tension and knots in the shoulders is more than just how you slept. And, going to bed again and hoping it will be better when you awake won’t solve the problem for good. There are solutions. Join Alison and explore how to unlock your body’s relaxation response to release bound up tension and pain in the upper back neck and shoulders.

Mindfully care for your body with a therapeutic yoga sequence that will allow you to turn your head while driving without fear, work on the computer without worry of nagging tension and soreness, and give you the ability to sleep through the night. This holistic combination of stress relief, strength, traction and flexibility is the secret to releasing tension in many areas of your body.

This workshop is perfect for all levels of yoga practitioners, especially if you feel frustrated that you are missing out on activities you enjoy, like getting on the ground to play with your kids or grandkids. In this workshop you will learn common causes, and how to solve this issue.