Yoga Wall Training! Last chance for early bird pricing.

Just wanted to remind you the early bird pricing deadline for the Yoga Wall Training ends today! Why would you choose to take a Yoga Wall Training?

Have you ever encountered a student with a limitation in mobility, strength or flexibility? How about a student that has difficulty accessing ideal ailment in a pose? Or a student that has difficulty tapping into the parasympathetic, the relaxation, part of the nervous system? How about for yourself? Do you know how to reverse aging in your spine?

The Yoga Wall is a prop just like any other prop in Yoga. It’s useful to assist a student in achieving results they would not be able to on their own at that moment in time. Also, the therapeutic applications are endless and efficient. In this training you will learn how to teach a full yoga Wall class, as well as learn set up on the Wall and reasons why you might choose to use the Wall therapeutically in a 1:1 session.

For example, in the pose pictured we are working on thoracic side bending, a difficult mobility position to achieve without the use of the Wall, especially while in traction!! Build your diversity as a teacher to enable yourself to help more students effectively. For more details, and to register head click on Prana’s website. The Yoga Wall is the one tool I use most frequently in my patients sessions, and for myself therapeutically. The benefit of this training is you will receive knowledge from two experienced Yoga Therapeutics teachers who have been teaching on the Yoga Wall for several years. ​

If you have questions just respond to this email. Hope to see you in a few weeks!




Alison McLean

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